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Posted: 3 Jul '17

Why Modern Linoleum Flooring Isn’t a Blast from The Past

Linoleum Flooring
On the mention of Linoleum Flooring, you may be tempted to think of dated commercial spaces or your grandmother's uninspiring floor. This is if you have not experienced the modern Linoleum. The modern linoleum comes in a wide variety of imaginative colors, subtle neutrals, and vibrant hues to firmly cement itself as a flooring solution of choice for your modern home.

A Culmination of Innovation Rather Than an Extension of The Past

Linoleum has been a flooring material of choice for more than a century. Previously, it came in a limited variety of colors and hues which constrained its application. However, the modern Linoleum has been reimagined to encapsulate the traditional benefits of linoleum while adapting modern touches of color diversity and fashion.

A Wide Selection of Styles to Choose From

As your trusted flooring partner, Flooring Superstores Grande Prairie has the most diverse and imaginative collection of colors and patterns of the modern Linoleum Flooring. From traditional marbled patterns to the modern patterns and flecked designs, you are guaranteed to find something that compliments your decor. It is this versatility that makes Modern Linoleum the ultimate flooring material of choice for people of all fashion tastes – there is something for everyone.

Environmentally Friendly

Linoleum is among the ‘greenest’ flooring materials available. Linoleum is made from natural materials such as recycled wood flour, linseed oil, and limestone. These natural elements make linoleum biodegradable and antibacterial.

Uncompromised Convenience

The modern Linoleum Flooring is not limited to commercial spaces. With the new color and pattern selection, you can install it in any room in line with your décor and without limitation by the functionality of the rooms.

The modern Linoleum is pet-friendly and portrays commendable resilience against scratches and dents from pets or resulting from heavy foot traffic. It also resists allergens such as pet dander and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) making it hypoallergenic and thereby safe for your whole family.

If you have been around for a while, the modern Linoleum in the stores today is nothing like you may have seen in the past. The expansive selection of colors, imaginative patterns, and distinctive hues are trendsetters in the market. Contact Flooring Superstores Grande Prairie today or stop by to explore the limitless possibilities made possible by the environmentally friendly, quiet, warm and comfortable Linoleum Flooring.