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Posted: 30 Sep '18

Learn All About Indoor-Outdoor Carpet Flooring and How to Install It

Looking to change your outdoor space? Try installing indoor-outdoor carpet flooring on your outdoor patio. This type of flooring provides a beautiful, soft surface for you to sit on or walk over. But what should you choose? Here are just a few choices:

Types of Indoor-Outdoor Carpet Flooring

Indoor-outdoor carpet flooring comes in a variety of styles, from high-grade grass carpet that’s ideal for fully-exposed outdoor spaces with high traffic, to economy-grade grass carpet that’s ideal for covered outdoor spaces with low traffic. Other options include plush carpets for covered outdoors and Berber loop carpets for outdoor areas prone to moisture.

Steps for Installing Indoor-Outdoor Carpet Flooring

Once you have chosen your ideal indoor-outdoor carpet flooring, what are the next steps that you need to take? Here are some guidelines to help you through installing your new carpet flooring.

1. How to Decide

Make sure you have measured your space, to know exactly how much carpeting you need. Then you need to determine what carpet will work best in the space. To make a perfect choice, you should consider aspects such as:

  • Is this a high-traffic area? A thick and stain-resistant high-grade grass carpet is best.
  • Is the area exposed to weather or prone to dampness? A carpet with rubber marine backing will be most ideal.
  • Does the area receive a great deal of sunlight? Pick a carpet with UV-resistant fibers.

2. Prepare the Surface

Before you lay your indoor-outdoor carpet flooring, it is important that you prepare the surface. Preparation process varies from one surface so, be sure to ask our experts how to prepare your surface. General preparation involves sweeping and washing away the dirt and grease and applying a sealant once the surface is dry.

3. Lay Out the Carpet

Start by pushing the edge of the roll tightly into the corner and line it up exactly along one edge. You can use large objects or heavy rocks to hold the edge of the carpet in place as you roll it out. You can cut along the length of the deck or patio so that your carpet can fit to size.

4. Apply Glue

Pull back the carpet and apply glue. Pull the carpet taut and press down over the glued area. Work out any air bubbles and weigh down all edges to ensure that the carpet won’t pull back. Leave the glue to dry completely before walking on the carpet.

When you’re ready to upgrade your indoor-outdoor space, visit us today and choose from our large selection of high quality indoor-outdoor carpet flooring available in a variety of colors and textures.