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Posted: 22 Sep '15

Customized Area Rugs to Complement the Season

Area rug to bring the room together, add comfort, character  and style
The best time of the year for some of us has finally arrived! Construction annoyances are starting to lighten up since road work projects are ending, and the kids are all busy with school.

Fall Decorating

Wouldn’t it be great to change around the décor of your house with each season? New seasons mean new colours, new trends, and generally a new mood. To me, fall means harvest colours like rich browns, golds, and oranges, but don’t get stuck on my preferences! You have your own tastes and to you, fall might make you want to bring the summer inside and fill your home with fresh, bright colours.

Whatever your preference, an easy way to make a big change to the look and feel of your indoor space is by adding an area rug. Once you have the rug, you can build on your theme from there.

area rug to warm up the room, add character and style

And with the cooler weather that suddenly descends here in Grande Prairie, a rug will add warmth to your luxury vinyl, laminate, hardwood, or tile floor.

Getting an area rug is easy. At Flooring Superstores we have rugs in stock, and we can actually make any carpet we carry into a broadloom area rug. So you could get the super-soft Caress carpet by Shaw, or the SmartStrand Silk by Mohawk made into a rug that is the exact size, shape, colour, and feel that you want.

Choosing the Right Size Rug

Since you can get a custom rug, you’re probably going to want it to fit your room perfectly. But to be honest, there are a lot of factors to consider when you’re figuring out how big, and what shape to make your rug:

  • What kind of room it is (dining, living, bed)
  • Placement and style of your furniture
  • Room theme
  • How much you want to spend
  • The amount of traffic the room sees
  • Area Rug Rules

    There are also some guidelines you can choose to follow—or completely ignore. It’s up to you!

  1. Put Furniture legs all on, all off, or partly on… or a mix of everything… Confusing, right? Just do what looks right while keeping in mind what your goal is. Do you need the room to look bigger or smaller? If you move your furniture around on a regular basis, you might not even care where furniture legs go.
  2. Have about a foot and a half of your laminate, hardwood, or tile showing around the edges of your rug. Unless, of course, you’re trying to cover up what’s underneath. ;)
  3. The placement “rule” is best explained with a picture, so here’s Apartment Therapy’s guide: Click Here

With fashion and style, it’s really all up to you. Do what you want!

Emily Henderson has some great advice on the subject of choosing the right rug size, so check that out too.